You have officially redeemed the offer

By redeeming the offer the price has been locked in. There is no payment necessary till the date outlined in a software licensing contract. Keep an eye on your inbox for the software license contract and the guide to the onboarding process. The next step is to complete the onboarding process. Assigning at least one employee from each department or business responsibility/discipline, is recommended. Senior managers, business owners or C-suite involvement is not required. Senior oversight is suggested after building organizational specific data for 3-4 months. The monthly performance meetings are open to anyone authorized to attend, and is the perfect opportunity for employee’s to rotate attendance and keep abreast of upcoming data-driven insights used for decision making.


The onboarding will be a chance for the organizations representatives to become well-versed in best practices to get the most out of the service. If the organization does not have a data collection or governance policy or practices in place we can help develop good data hygiene. Clean data is important to get the most accurate insights from the software, dashboards and reports. In addition, onboarding will provide the information needed to configure the software to best suit your needs. 

  • The monthly subscription takes 4-7 hours of collaborative human-centered onboarding time.
  • The annual subscription also takes 4-7 hours. The recommendation for follow-up onboarding meetings during the first 3-4 months is important for feature’s of this plan that are set up to generate business-specific results.
  • For the “Scaling” offer, a senior representative will follow up with the contact on the form to set up a video conference to present a pitch deck and address the pros and cons of the key components of the offering. We suggest completing the business analysis for data-driven operations. A written copy of the business analysis can be provided to you when it is complete.